Moments of Comfort

We believe a soft blanket, good company, and that golden hour lighting are key elements to creating really special moments in life. Whether you are sitting by the fire with friends, or relaxing after a day on the slopes, you deserve that moment of joy.

Ecuadane creates moments of comfort so you can slow down and enjoy life.

The Moment is Now

We get it. Life is busy. Work can be stressful. Things can get overwhelming. So we are focused on creating the joyful moments. Put the phone down, put work away, and just enjoy the beauty of life.

We believe that the best time to create those memories is now. When was the last time you had an Ecuadane Moment?

Commitment to Comfort

Soft. Cozy. Comfy.

At the end of a long day, you deserve comfort. That's why we have the softest blanket you will ever feel. Curl up in your favorite spot with your favorite blanket and enjoy the moment.

What's in a name

Ecuadane was started by an Ecuadorian and Danish family. Our family values of unity, adventure, and quality time are the building blocks of the Ecuadane brand. Today, Ecuadane is 100% family owned.