Our Artisans

For the artists and creators we partner with in Ecuador, creating a blanket is about much more than a particular textile or specific design. It’s about, as artisan Jary Lema of Otavalo, Ecuador, describes it, a culture expression that he and his family have been nurturing and upholding for three generations.

Blankets are, Jary told us, a necessity for life in his culture. And at Ecuadane, we agree.

We partner with artisans like Jary to bring long-held, beloved prints and fabric-making techniques to our customers, because in supporting these local artisans, we support a deep heritage of quality, comfort, and beauty.

Many of our artisans hail from Ecuador, but as we grow, we hope to bring you rich cultural expressions from many other regions across the world. We are honored to partner with and support the families and individuals who keep such incredible culture alive every single day.