Why the Best Blanket Only Gets Better With Age

    Your Favorite Blanket Should Get Better With Age

    A quality blanket is a worthy investment for everyone. Blankets are known to help us relax andfall asleep. The comfort of a good blanket can put you at ease and remind you to appreciate the joys of life.

    And the best blanket is one that you can trust to remain soft and sturdy for as long as you want to use it. Ecuadane blankets are meant to last long and be with you for all of life's adventures.

    See how these blankets get better with age and why they might become your favorite blanket.

    How a Quality Blanket Improves With Age

    A new blanket is not something you want to have to purchase regularly. You hope to buy a good blanket that will last you multiple years, but you may expect to have to buy a new one when your blanket begins to deteriorate. But what if we told you that a blanket should not decline over time, but rather should improve?

    When you first acquire a new blanket, it might shed a bit. A few proper washes will nip this in the bud, leaving you with a smooth, clean blanket.

    The high-quality construction of our blankets means they will not lose their pleasant features over time. As long as youcare for them properly and gently, they will always offer the comfort and warmth that they do when you first purchase them. 

    Our ideal blanket can even get softer overtime, thanks to the gentle use you will give it. How could you not love a softer blanket?

    An old blanket does not mean a bad blanket. In fact, something beautiful about having an old blanket is all of the memories you have associated it with throughout the years.

    Perhaps your blanket has been there during family movie nights cuddled on the couch. Maybe it has traveled with you on adventures into nature. Or perhaps it has been a reliable source of cozy comfort through all of your ups and downs.

    Whatever memories you might have made with your blanket will always be at your fingertips when your blanket is. And how lovely is it to recognize that the same blanket will be there too for many memories to come?

    Why Choose an Ecuadane Blanket?

    Ecuadane blankets are artisan blankets, crafted byartisans in the Ecuadorian Andes. The designs, too, are created by these fantastic artisans.

    Choose from a variety of southwestern-inspired patterns and rich color palettes. Whether you prefer neutrals, vibrant colors, or earthy tones, there is an option you will love.

    They are soft to the touch and are produced, in part, out of recycled material. The plan is to transition to exclusively recycled material by 2025.

    Ecuadane blankets are intended to be there for you for as long as you want them and to improve with age, like a fine wine. This intention is backed by the offer of alifetime warranty on your product.

    Find the Lifetime Blanket for You

    Everyone deserves to cuddle up with a quality blanket to relax and enjoy the feeling of warmth and love.

    If you are ready to find the perfect blanket for you or a loved one to hold on to for the long term, take a look at ourbeautiful options today!