Why Quality Blankets Are Machine Washable

    Quality Blankets Are Machine Washable

    Blankets are all about comfort and warmth. Cuddling up with a good quality blanket and reading a book or watching a movie is the perfect way to spend a rainy day inside, or enjoy beautiful weather outside.

    Quality blankets don't deserve being bundled up and tossed in a chest. They deserve to live a good life with owners that know how to care for their blankets.

    Are you ready to give your blanket the life it deserves? Continue reading to discover why quality blankets are easy-to-wash. 

    Blanket Care

    Since blankets take care of us by providing warmth and comfort, we have to take care of them, too. 

    Before you throw your blanket in the washing machine, there are some very important things to consider to ensure your blanket will last a lifetime.

    Here's what you should do  before washing your blanket:

    • If your blanket has a tag, read the care advice suggesting what you should do for proper care
    • Dust easily accumulates in blankets, so be sure to either shake out or vacuum your blanket before washing
    • If there are any liquid stains on the blanket, take a paper towel that's dipped in dishwashing soap and gently blot the stain

    Following these pre-care instructions is crucial. For washing, here's what you should and shouldn't do:

    • While  our Southwestern style blankets are machine washable, only wash them on a gentle cycle with a mild laundry detergent
    • Don't completely dry your blanket – to prevent shrinking and snagging of the fabric, tumble-dry at low temperatures or wash by hand if you're more comfortable
    • At Ecuadane, our blankets are large in size – fabric softener will often cause spotting in larger blankets

    For additional  care advice, know that blankets will shed at first. After a few wash cycles, shedding typically decreases. This is completely normal! Just give your blanket a quick brush after washing.

    Quality Blankets

    In purchasing a blanket, the fabric is a key factor. By knowing what a blanket is made out of, you can determine how it feels and get a sense of it being around your home.

    Another important component in choosing blankets based on fabrics is knowing how well they will endure multiple wash cycles.

    If you're allergic to certain fabrics, searching for blankets may be a hassle. Not to worry! Our blankets at Ecuadane are made with  hypoallergenic materials.

    Here are some common fabrics that make a quality blanket:

    • Modacrylic: At Ecuadane, our blankets are made with an ultra-soft, planet-friendly material called modacrylic, which contains recycled content
    • Cotton: Breathable, lightweight, and comfort-enhancing, cotton is good if you're not a fan of heavy blankets
    • Wool: This fabric is of a heavier weight and will keep you warm in the coldest of winters

    Your Blanket Was Crafted to Last

    At Ecuadane,  we care about who crafts our blankets.

    That's why we work closely with highly skilled artisans located in the Andean Mountains in Ecuador who produce a good quality blanket meant to last and comfort you.

    We've informed you about caring for our easy-to-wash blankets. Interested in purchasing one for yourself or someone you know? Check out our selection of neutral, vibrant, and  earth tones today!