The Softest Blanket for Spring Adventures

    The Softest Blanket for Spring Adventures

    Spring weather is calling! If you've been stuck inside for months, you're probably ready to get out and hike, go on picnics, or take family bike rides. And what better way to unwind at the end of the day than snuggling under a soft Ecuadorian blanket?

    Our ultra-soft Ecuadane blankets are created by artisans in the Andes mountains of Ecuador with custom patterns to bring both color and comfort into your home. They're made withrecycled modacrylic material, which makes them far softer than scratchy woolen blankets. Not only can you use them to make your home cozier and try out the Danish practice of hygge, but you can also even use them for outside adventures.

    Read on to learn how an Ecaudane blanket can help you enjoy the outside and also relax inside.

    Practice Hygge at Home

    Ecuadane blankets will help you enjoy the comfort of hygge, a Danish way of finding cozy contentment. Since Ecuadane was started by an Ecuadorian and Danish family, our blankets reflect our Danish heritage. We try to promote the family values of unity, adventure, and quality time--all part of hygge.

    Hygge is thepractice of getting cozy, slowing down, and enjoying the moment. It might involve snuggling under a blanket with a book, lighting candles, or meeting up for cheerful conversation. It may evenprovide medical benefits since slowing down at the end of the day can help you reduce anxiety.

    When enjoying hygge at home, you might play family games, snuggle under blankets while you watch a movie, or just get cozy and chat. Whatever you do, an Ecaudane blanket will help you enjoy time together in comfort.

    Take Your Ecuadane Blanket in the Car

    When you take people on outside activities, bring blankets so people don't get cold in the car. After your adventure, you might have to load skis into a top carrier, wipe off muddy hiking boots, or load bikes. Even if you start the car and turn up the heat, you'll let out all the hot air when you open doors or load gear into the back.

    Instead of letting people freeze inside the car, bring along some cozy Ecuadane blankets. You'll have plenty of time to pack since the blankets will keep your passengers nice and warm.

    Take Your Ecuadane Blanket Outside

    You can even take your Ecuadane blanket outside as part of your adventures. Lay the blanket down for a picnic blanket, or lie down and wrap up in it for nighttime stargazing. Don't worry about spilling your soda or collecting dirt, because theblanket is washable.

    Enjoy Your Ultra-Soft Ecuadane Blanket

    Whether you take your Ecuadane blanket outside for adventures or wrap up in it at the end of the day, your ultra-soft blanket will make everything more comfortable.Shop our website to find the color, pattern, and size that's right for you!