For The STudent In Your Life

    College students love cozy blankets & they make the perfect gift.

    Blankets Give College Students the Comfort of Home

    For college students, "home" starts becoming a different physical place. A cozy blanket is just what they need to navigate college life and beyond. Wrapping up in a vibrant Ecuadane blanket will remind them of those who love and support them on their educational journey.That's why Ecuadane blankets make the perfect gift for the college student in your life!

    For students, whether still in school or those graduating soon, our ultra-soft blankets were made to live life with. They're machine-washable, include a lifetime warranty, and are the perfect blanket for students when they're on the go or staying in. Give the gift of comfort with an Ecuadane blanket!

    The Perfect Blanket for College Life & Beyond

    College students need a cozy blanket in thier lives. Why do students love Ecuadane blankets so much? Well, think about college life! Ecuadane blankets can go with students anywhere and are there to wrap up in or sit on for any occasion. There are many activities that college students take part in daily where having the perfect blanket along simply makes life better.

    College students love to have their favorite blanket along for all of their activities!

    Educational Study- Who doesn't like to cozy up with a good book? College students constantly have their noses in books and online consuming educational media. After all, reading is very important part of their education. Students want to cozy up with their favorite blanket when it's time to study for an exam.

    Dorm Life - Work and study can be tiring for college students. When it's time to rest, students want to be comfortable and warm. Ecuadane blankets look great on beds and add extra style, design, and vibrant colors to a dorm room or apartment.

    Music & Sports Practice- Music students could use some warmth as they prepare for recitals, solos, or ensemble performances. Likewise, after a sports practice, having a blanket to throw around their shoulders gives comfort through the hard work. Our lightweight blankets improve student's lives as they practice.

    College Romance- Students involved in college romance love the ultra-soft feel of Ecuadane blankets. They're perfect for snuggling up together for those special moments. When romantic college memories are made, our quality blankets are there to enhance the experience.

    College Parties -  Fun with friends is part of the college experience and a cozy blanket makes it even more special! Whether students are spending time together building relationships one-on-one, at a fraternity or sorority, or at a group event, Ecuadane blankets improve the vibe of the whole scene.

    How a Cozy Blanket Can Bring More Hygge to College Life

    Hygge, the Danish concept for a cozy sense of well-being, has been a part of the culture in Denmark since the 1800s. In the last five years, the concept has also caught on in Britain and America.

    It's about enjoying the little things as well as the occasional indulgence. Think a cozy winter gathering with a few friends and some comfort food while wearing warm clothes in front of a crackling fire.

    The trouble is, those things aren't always attainable for everyone.

    Luckily, all you need is a warm, cozy blanket. Keep reading to find out how a cozy blanket can add some hygge to your life.