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    Ecuadane Ambassador Program


    • Identify the best ways to represent the brand on your campus
    • Receive your own personal discount code on all of our products
    • Receive a discount code to share with your friends and followers on social media
    • Become more closely involved with the company and our followers
    • Be a part of the very first group of Ecuadane ambassadors - providing suggestions and setting the standard for future ambassadors
    • Work closely with the founders on ideas, promotions, and more
    • Be the first to know about new products, campaigns, and programs
    • Provide innovative input and new ideas for future products and designs
    • Schedule and run promotional events in and around your campus aimed at both selling the brand and spreading overall awareness
    • Our ambassadors are also expected to post on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat on a weekly basis to help promote our brand. We ask that these posts include photos of you, or your friends and family, with our products.


    • As part of our ambassador program, we will give you a free product to use on campus for advertising purposes.
    • You will get 20% off all Ecuadane products
    • Shipping is free to everyone who purchases from you
    • Please apply and inquire to learn more about our generous compensation plans.
    • This is a great opportunity for work experience and its a great resume builder

    Who are we looking for?:

    • Our ambassador program is only open to people 18 and older who are active on social media
    • You must be in attendance at a University
    • We are looking for people that represent an “outdoor lifestyle”, Skiing/Snowboarding, hiking, camping. Etc.
    • We are looking for people that are leaders and are involved in clubs or Greek Life