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    Seizures !!!! how did everything start....

    Martina was in the ketogenic diet for three years. She is twelve now, 100% free of seizures and a much happier and stronger kid.

    I would like to share with you our experience with the diet.

    How did everything started: 

    Martina was seven years old.  One day she was  practicing piano and I noticed some fluttering with her eyes lids, a blank stare and unresponsive to my questions. 

    A couple of weeks later we were in a trip to Indiana. Martina ran to the hotel's elevator to push the button and suddenly kept walking in a different direction with an absent stare few seconds later she was back like nothing has happened. Crossing a street, she suddenly stopped in the middle of the street for no reason.

    These episodes began to occur more often, we had her tested and were informed that she had what is called Absent Seizures. 

    She was medicated with ethosuximide, which is a medication commonly used to treat Absent Seizures. There were fewer seizures but she had terrible stomach aches, we had to try a new medicine and find a way to treat the Absent Seizures with lesser side effects.