What a great vocation is to be a mother! My oldest is in her first year of college and miles away from home. Now I can see my years behind and ask myself, did I do enough. I am realizing how important was the early years of my children lives. Building a sensitive conscience that recognices goodness and rejects wrong. Teaching them to exercise good habits until they turn into virtues, teaching them to say I am sorry thousand times and start all over again. Teaching them to love their siblings, tolerating, forgiving, sharing, constantly giving more than expecting. Letting them discover how beautiful people are and the depth of each persons world . Taking each occassion of trouble for a lesson to build a new path to grow. Raising children has been an amazing experience for my husband and I to grow each day as humans beings...because you can not give what you don't have and you can't teach what you don't know...so a lot of learning, praying, and working every day in ourselves.

I thank God with all my heart for giving me the best job on Earth! 


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