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Posted on 15 June 2017


Hello! This is Martina. We want you to follow our journey and find us by looking for the rocks we leave every where we go.  So in every place we are, you can go too:) And If you find all my rocks you get a chance to win a free Blanket!!! The first place we went this week was Caumsett State Park in, Long Island.

I painted 3 rocks (you have to find all three of them)

This is the first one

the second one

and the third one

If you find them, please write us on  this blog. You can send us a picture of you and the three rocks to our e-mail, so we can see them and publish you as a winner.

I can't wait. Let the game begin!

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  • Alexandra White: June 22, 2017

    I took my ten year old daughter , Margot, and her two friends Casdidy and Jayla to Caumset State Park. While combing the beach for sea glass Margot discovered an unusual rock with a message on it. She shared it with her friends. The girls were determined to find the remaining two rocks. They kept searching the beach but didn’t come across anything else. We kept looking along the path as we headed back towards the main trail. After walking along a pretty steep stretch of the trail the kids sat down on a bench and Jayla discovered the second rock. Wow! They were crazed and on a mission to find the last rock. They scoured the fields and trails looking for the last rock. Just as we reached the horses they found the last rock near a sign post. Hooray! They had a blast and worked so well together to complete the scavenger hunt. Thanks for turning an ordinary hike into an adventure.

  • Martina: June 16, 2017

    Can’t wait to see the pictures and your story of how you found them

  • Craig White: June 16, 2017

    my daughter and her friends found all 3 rocks

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