Happy Father's Day, everyone! 

Although mothers usually get all the glory (because moms are awesome!), dads are equally important and irreplaceable! 

My dad has been there for all three of us our whole lives. Every day, he wakes up before the sun to go to work, so that we could have a roof over our heads, food on the table, education, and the opportunity to work for achieving our dreams for the future and improve in both athletic and artistic activities.  

My dad has always been very involved with everything we do! He takes us to our sports' competitions and piano concerts, and spends most of his time with us when he's home. My dad is also my mentor and guide. He's both a wonderful speaker and a wonderful listener (and the listener part is especially helpful when one has three daughters in the house).


Fathers are extremely important to the family, because they are the head, leader, and protector. Fathers are the rolemodels of the family, and their actions and way of treating their loved ones often determines how their children will act, treat others, and be treated. 

So, thank you, daddy, for the infinite love you give to our family! And thank you to all the daddies in the world who hold, protect, and lead their families. You are irreplaceable!


"Some super heroes don't have capes...They are called Dad" 



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