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    Puerto Rico: An Adventure of a Lifetime

    Hello, there! It's Aviva. I'd like to share with you a special trip we took with our close family friends a few months ago. In February, we took a flight to Rio Grande, Puerto Rico for a week-long vacation. 

    Arriving there, we spent the first couple days walking through the beach, exploring the forests aside the Rio Grande, and soaking in the crystal clear sea below the blazing sun. 



    On Wednesday, we went kayaking through the Rio Grande into the ocean. As we kayaked through the river, we would see stray dogs running along the edge of the shore, little turtles laying on rocks over the surface of the water, and hummingbirds flying around us. When we reached the edge of the river and the entrance into the ocean, we collided against the waves until we passed over them. After fifteen minutes of kayaking, we reached a small island, and sat on the shore, playing tic-tac-toe with sticks and shells. 



    On Thursday, we went to El Yunque Rainforest, and hiked to a waterfall! So what did we do? Climb down the rocks and took a swim!



    On Friday, we went to Culebra, an island off the coast of Puerto Rico. At the island, we swam, snorkeled, and drank coco water at Flamenco beach.



     That same night, we went out to a special Puerto Rican restaurant called "Dos Panza", and found ourselves some cool musicians! They had really good service, and delicious food! 


    On Saturday, we went jet skiing! Now, I can easily say that jet skiing is one of the funnest watersports of all time! It is really easy to control, and we got over 60 mph! We stopped at a small island off the coast, and then went a few miles out and reached a reef where we could walk around.



    So, that's pretty much it! Puerto Rico is a beautiful island with endless activities and events happening all the time. We would have had to stay there for months to complete only half the activities Puerto Rico has to offer. 

    Puerto Rico was an unforgettable discovery, and an adventure of a lifetime!



    P.S. go check out our short video of Puerto Rico on Instragram @ecuadane !