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    A Daughter's Guide to Preparing for Mother's Day

    One who always stands by me...

    One who shows me truth when I can't see...

    One who makes me laugh when I want to cry...

    One who lifts me up when I fall down...

    One who gives me wings to pursue my dreams...

    One who teaches me what love truly is.


    "All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother" -Abraham Lincoln


    The greatest aspect of motherhood is how a mother loves unconditionally, and it is through her unconditional love that a child learns to live, love, learn, and grow.

    One of the greatest lessons my mother has taught me is that love is the gateway to living a life of joy and peace. Love is not simply a passion or emotional connection to another person. Love is a cheerful smile to those who annoy me; silence when I feel angry; friendly conversation with people I find boring; daily effort to overlook one irritating detail or another with people living with me. Love is loving someone when I do not feel like it! 

    And it is through this love that I find joy and peace in my life. Life becomes more beautiful and meaningful when I take each day as another opportunity to love the people around me. So, I thank my mother for giving me beauty and meaning in my life through her unconditional love.

    As Mother's Day is approaching, you may ask, "But how...how can I repay the infinite love my mother has given me?" Well, that's easy! There is no better way to repay love, but with love! Therefore, here are five ways you can give all your love to mom (taken from the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman):

    • Words of Affirmation: write a letter or poem expressing how much your mom means to you
    • Acts of Service: make mom a special breakfast with a fruit smoothie or a warm cup of coffee
    • Receiving Gifts: give mom a blanket with her favorite colors that she can use anywhere and always
    • Quality Time: play board games, go on a walk, relax together in the backyard…just do anything that involves spending quality time with mom!
    • Physical Touch: give mom extra hugs and kisses on this special day


    I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s day, and use this special holiday as an opportunity to thank mom for everything she is!