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Posted on 11 March 2017

Hello, there! We welcome you into the world of Ecuadane, a world of pure discovery. You probably are wondering what “Ecuadane” even means, how it works, why it exists, and so on. Therefore, we have provided questions and answers below to give you some background information on Ecuadane:


What is Ecuadane?

Ecuadane is a company organized by three sisters that centers upon discovering unusual, high quality products from all over the world and sharing them with YOU! We, the Ecuadane founders, are a homeschooled family, which allows us to continually discover this captivating world without limits.

We, Ecuadane, have an unquenchable thirst for discovering the undiscovered, and we also love traveling! Therefore, we journey to the ends of the earth to find unique, priceless products, and bring them all back to share them with you!


Why “Ecuadane”?

The word “Ecuadane” was formed by combining the names of two countries: Ecuador and Denmark. Why those countries? Well, first of all, our family comes from Ecuador and Denmark (our mom is from Ecuador, and our father is from Denmark). Second of all, Ecuador and Denmark are countries from opposite sides of the world (South America and Europe), which represents the universality of Ecuadane.


What is the mission of Ecuadane?

We strive to discover and sell products from all over the world, in order to awaken people to the diversity of culture, tradition, and lifestyle. Beginning with the Ecuadorian blanket, we continue to travel, search for, and discover more products.


Follow our Venture!

            We invite you to take part on our venture to discover the undiscovered. Come follow our journey over social media, and take a look at our products both through the Ecuadane website, through our Blog, and through our accounts on Instagram and Facebook.


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